Automate chemical inventory with AWE
Make your lab future-ready.


Embrace a unique way of monitoring, reporting and ordering items within your inventory.


Sensors specifically designed for versatility and adaptability to all lab environment needs.

Sensing Technology

Unobtrusive and low-profile detector to monitor status of your items.


Access and manage your lab environment using the online portal and mobile application.



Real-time monitoring of your lab inventory.


Data analytics algorithms will determine the usage and ordering patterns of your inventory items.


Automatic notifications and ordering capabilities based on inventory status and predicted usage.


Never go out of your chemicals, and never overstock on your items. Always have just the right amount.

How It Works

Setup your new AWE lab environment in just a few steps. Visit our Sign Up page for more details!

Sign Up

Register for the service and start building your connected lab environment.

Register Sensors

Let us know how many sensors you need, and we'll send them to you. Use the mobile application to register sensors to your environment.

Assign Products

Assign a product to a registered sensor by scanning the product's barcode. The system will automatically update the details. Place the sensor at the desired location, and voilà!


Use the online dashboard and mobile application to monitor your environment. Check the current status, receive alerts, and even place orders for your inventory.

About Us

Think of AWE Sensors as a revolution in managing your laboratory environment. Our goal is to automate routine inventory activities, so you can focus on achieving medical breakthroughs. The AWE platform consists of a unique data analytics engine enabling you to manage your chemical inventory in real-time, providing a high level of business intelligence to streamline your laboratory operations.

Manage your lab with AWE!